Genuine Quality Statement

At Prestige Worktops we only use genuine high quality Hanex, Corian and Hi-Max products and we install these products to the highest possible standard. Please consider these following points concerning genuine quality:

The surfaces are extremely good quality and therefore deserve to be made to the right standard, after all you are paying good money and you want the tops to last. Our tops compared to other manufacturers are made properly, we don’t cut corners.

Most of our tops have joins, seamless joins, as do all kitchen worktops that are over sized or go around corners . We will cleat these joins underneath properly with solid surface so the joins do not fail, some companies will skip this stage again for speed , this will also eventually fail, causing your joints to come apart . An example of this is the Saturday kitchen TV show, we replaced the tops that were made poorly (the joints failed as i explained above) we have done all the joins properly so these tops should last a very long time.

Please remember, if a quote is a lot cheaper, there must be a reason for this, if you buy cheap as chips you will unfortunately get what you pay for, we have had to rescue many a job in our time, and it saddens me to see this happening.

Director of prestige worktops

Map - Medway, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London

Medway · Kent · Sussex · Surrey · London

Prestige Worktops Ltd is based in Medway, Kent and has been providing an end-to-end service in Kitchen worktops for over 30 years throughout the South East, including: Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and London.

We measure, we manufacture and we fit a full range of the highest quality kitchen worktops which include: Hanex, Corian and Hi-Macs. We also offer a restoration service , you can have your solid surfaces re sanded and polished , in most cases they will look as new as the first day they were fitted . Please call or fill in the contact us page for more information.

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